Why Heart of the Trail?

In just over two decades, Urban Trail Co. volunteers have built more than 130 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and running in Kansas City's woodlands. Through agreements with the metro's public land managers, Urban Trail Co. maintains these trails at no cost to our cities and counties. 


Our mission is to build and sustain high-quality trails for mountain biking, hiking, and running, supporting Kansas City as a great place to live and work for people who love outdoors recreation.

The Heart of the Trail campaign connects
Kansas City's community leaders to the trails.

While our campaign does raise resources, it's more important to us that we connect with you and connect you to the resources of the trails.  

Above all, we want to show our thanks. Kansas City area volunteers and leaders have created an environment where trails and outdoor recreation can thrive. We build on those efforts, and we're grateful. 

Please join us as we celebrate Kansas City's trails, with pride in our community effort and this civic treasure.

How We Use Our Resources

Urban Trail Co. provides tools and supplies for our trail managers and volunteer crews. We scout and build new trail, trim vegetation from all trail mileage, and we repair erosion and damage to existing trail. Day in and out, Urban Trail Co. also monitors and posts open and closed trail statuses and manages trail gates to protect trails during wet weather.

We recruit and train volunteers who will become tomorrow’s master trail designers, and we educate a community of trail users about responsible use and conservation of the trails.

Contributions help.

Our connection to you means more. 

Thank you.