Go explore! More than 100 miles of beautiful, natural-surface trails are located on varied terrain throughout the Kansas City area. Each trail is open for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking.

Check trail status before you go, and please don’t hike, run, or ride on muddy trails.

The clay-based KC soils lie over a thick bed of limestone in the Missouri and Kansas river valleys. KC-area trails -- more than 100 miles of nature to hike or ride -- lavishly display these limestone bluffs, rocky outcroppings, valley views, and rolling woodlands. Blooming in the spring, rich with color in fall, and alive with birds, deer, and other wildlife, these natural-surface trails are a beating heart of the KC urban experience.

With a mix of longer (8+ miles), medium (4-8 miles), and shorter (less than 4 miles) systems, every KC metro resident can be on a woodland trail in less than a 30-minute drive, exploring the best of our area’s beauty and recreation.

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