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Brett Shoffner

Member Information

Department(s): Urban Trail Co. Regional Directors
Position: Central Region - Kessler Park; Rozarks Trails
Regional Director

Other Information


Brett, Central Regional Director for Urban Trail Co., has been instrumental in bringing trails to the Kansas City urban core since 2007. Forging partnerships with community organizations, growing a committed volunteer base, and gathering resources, Brett designed and built the Rozarks trails (Roanoke and Rosedale neighborhoods) and at Kessler Park, and is the Trail Manager for both systems. Brett's trail building projects have spurred massive cooperative efforts to clear invasive honeysuckle and to eradicate illegal dumping and misuse, reclaiming precious urban forests for recreational use. He has been recognized for his efforts with the 2014 The Pitch Best Community Volunteer award; the 2015 Westside Housing Organization Community Champion Award, and the 2015 Missouri Municipal League/City of Kansas City, MO Civic Leader award. Brett is the Beautification/Infratruction Planner for the Independence Avenue Community Improvement District; the Volunteer Executive Director of the Cliff Drive Corridor Management Committee; and owner of Ecological Placemakers, LLC.

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